Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where we are...

Pambra's, The Original Bra Liner, has been on the market since 1990. I first developed the product to cure a simple problem- how can I make money but still stay home with my kids? Pambra's was a God send!

I started out with 1 product, but after many years of research, time, effort, and money, I have developed 5 more Pambra's products. I am so proud to have developed these other products. Each is unique to the individual needs of our customers. We serve a purpose, not merely look pretty.

Pambra's offers 2 types of Mastectomy liners. We have a Bilateral Liner and a Unilateral Liner. Each is made with sensitive scar tissue in mind. Feedback is welcome.

Our newest product is The Original Tummy Liner! I am so excited to get this one on the market. So many Americans have a need for this but there is nothing like it anywhere! For more information, please see our website.

Pambra's, The Original Bra Liner, and all other products made by Pambra's are the ONLY products that are endorsed by Doctor's. Now, I am not saying that others may not have a doctor's "recommendation", but I am saying that Pambra's is a product that is currently used in more than one medical setting accross the U.S. I believe that speaks. It's one thing to say something is good for use, but it's entirely different when a hospital gives it to their patients for post-surgical use! In addition, ALL of the Pambra's products have been lab tested and approved for use in the U.S.A.

I hope that you love Pambra's products as much as I do. I know that you won't be let down.