Thursday, December 22, 2011

All of us here at Pambra's would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Take a moment each day and look at all you have to be Thankful for.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Well my daughter has been in Jos Nigeria for two days. I miss her so very much and her wonderful husband and the three grand kids. It is great to be able to skype and see their new home.
The Fall season has started and I love it, the colorful leaves are falling. Business is still full steam, gearing up for some big orders I have been pre warned are coming so that is exciting. The new building should be done in a few weeks can't wait to move in and get settled.
I have been told I have grand baby #8 on its way, by my oldest daughter Jeanette, She is having a boy and couldn't be more thrilled.
So as you can see there is much to look forward to and much work to be done. YEA

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saying Good bye is a hard thing to do....

In less than a week my daughter and business partner leaves the United States to go live and work in Jos Nigeria. She and her husband have graciously gave away or sold all there personal belongings as a sacrifice to go and work in an Orphanage. While I am extremely proud of them my heart also breaks. They take with them my three grandsons Chris is 12, Declan is 9 and the baby Zander is a yr and 9 months. I just keep asking are you coming home yet. I don't want them to go and yet all I can do is be a support. I fully understand the need inside to do something bigger than themselves and answer a calling on their life that will change them and us forever. Its is because of that understanding, having been through a spiritual calling myself, why I can do nothing else but supportive in their journey.
I have watched them prepare and seen their hearts and I am extremely proud of them. The spirit of sacrifice and compassion, the lifestyle changes they have made in preparation have not gone unnoticed.
To you my blog followers if you could do but one thing today. Please say a prayer for Veronica and Evan, Christian, Declan, and Zander for their personal safety in this country where it is Muslims against Christians.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New building construction

I am super happy Pambra's has grown so much that we start construction on our own building tomorrow. With five products, four of them in five sizes each we have run out of room. We have a lot of contractors making our liners, but have run out of storage room and packing area.
I am so proud of our contractors. They do such quality work and really take great detail and pride in their construction knowing each liner is for a special lady who requires the best.
From our product supply chain, fabric, cotton, garment labels, printing, shipping supply, contractors, accountants, Lawyers We have the best of the best on our crew. Thank You to each of you!!! We here at Pambra's truly appreciate you and your skills.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Awe of everything

I turned 53 just a few days ago. Yikes how time flies when you are busy with raising a family and building a business. This weekend all my kids are in town at once. This is one of those times as a mother your most excited about having all the kids over. We have pictures planned along with swimming and barbecuing.
I am so very thankful for everything in my life right now. We have our 8th grandchild on the way, My second daughter leaves in just over 30 days to Africa to work in the mission field for a while. I never thought I would be around long enough to see Pambra's where it is today. It truly has been one of my life's accomplishments. It's hard to believe that it was over 21 years ago that I put Pambra's on the market for the first time.
The offers for book and articles are actually coming out of the wood works. Media venue's have been contacting me. Pambra's has made a name for itself. In just one week we have gotten two new accounts because ladies have gone into stores asking for us.
When you are in business doing an honest work, not putting other companies down, staying focused on what you should be doing. All things will come together with enough tenacity to stay the course.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alway's Thankful

I have much to be Thankful for. I try not to let a day go by that I don't acknowledge my thankfulness to God for all I have. I am Thankful for my wonderful Patent Attorney who speaks so that I can understand him. My first Patent Attorney 21 yrs ago spoke in so much jargon he learned in college for us people who hired him you could not understand a word of it. This Attorney is so wonderful and fast in getting onto my concerns. I am Thankful for ALL the contractors we use to create Pambra's. Without them the bra liners would not be out on the market as I could never sew all that is going out the door. I am Thankful for all the people I come in contact with through Pambra's, friends on Twitter and facebook, People I have met with the companies we sell to and companies we buy materials from. I am Thankful for each person who stops by to read my babbling aka writing. Every time I can inform a new lady about Pambra's being able to provide them comfort I love it. I am especially grateful for all of my family who has stood by in the early years when it was hard to build a company. Those who have known me personally would tell you it was never ever about the money or even the thought of money. It is about comfort and making someone happy that they don't have to suffer through another day. While keeping my focus and doing my work, yes Blessings have come so much bigger then I ever thought possible. Thank You God for entrusting me with the first ever Bra Liner we call Pambra's.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There is a major heat wave going on through most of the U.S.A. We are so busy we don't have much time to be out in the heat. This week alone we have shipped out 1,453 packages. Next week we already have 312 lined up to ship. I have calls coming for interviews and other media projects. Staying busy is an understatement at this point... BUT I LOVE IT

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New News

Well we are going through many changes,
When someone contacted us from ABC World News we were thrilled they ask us if Pambra's could be a feature on their web site. YES YES YES was the answer, they have been very kind to us.
Our new Tummy liners are now in the catalog family of AmeriMark, Healthy Living is one of their books and their online store. We are happy to grow our company.
We now have five hospitals using our Pambra's. In Washington State, Nebraska, New York, Florida,
My daughter and business partner Veronica is leaving soon to work in the mission field in Jos Nigeria. I will miss her a lot, kind of goes with out saying. But she is such a big part of the company as well. I am glad I have some wonderful people working in Pambra's to fill in all the area's where Veronica's talents were used.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling so very Blessed. We have gained three more new accounts in less then a week. It's nothing like last spring when I got 27 accounts in 6 hours.. But all the same I am thankful for each new one. With each account comes the opportunity to have Pambra's available to more women around the world. On July 1st is another big surprise.. Can't wait to announce it

Thursday, June 16, 2011

High Sales

Ok so I am quiet excited by our sales. We are quickly headed for the magical 6 figures in sales. Thanks to some advertising by an unnamed source our sales have gone wild and we love it. We are getting about 4-5 orders a week right now from our accounts. We have another BIG catalog starting in July so that is exciting too. We have picked up a few more Hospital accounts as well. It was brought to my attention how I have not made a post in a while, now you see why I am too busy. Check back again, you are much appreciated to me. In the mean time follow your dreams and let no one get in the way :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My company has been inundated with orders! I'm so swamped that I don't even have time to make a post. Apparently one of the imposter liners did some sort of advertising and we have reaped the benefits! :)
Gotta go, busy, busy, busy!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was up at 3:30 am and out the door at 5 for an early start. We arrived early and got our booth set up, Then went off to the breakfast for the vendors. Our team pretty much was all there for our 7 am group photo. We are such clowns... The race went off with a few tears today. I got to hug many survivors which made my day. We got a big response to our product so that was good to see.
We handed out just over 8,000 post cards with recipes on one side and our product info on the other side. I got to speak to Neili Jones of our local KNWA news (link on our web site to video).
Of course I got emotional when Neili ask about my sister Patty. We had the best group of ladies helping us pass cards out. It was simply the best day.. I had to come home and nap for 2 hours..

Friday, April 29, 2011

Race for the Cure

Ok so we went to the Susan G Komen Spaghetti fund raiser tonight. Then a trip to our local craft shop. Where I bought several pink boa's and some hair things. I am going to be one flashy lady. I need to find joy in tomorrow. This is a healing for me and I find myself fighting to hold back tears for my sister Patty that I lost 7 years ago. My sister and I were 11 months and 2 weeks apart in age. We shared everything growing up even early childhood school classes until they decided we needed to be split up. As adults we lead very different lives, When she found out she had a lump in her breast I was one of her first phone calls. Even with all the time apart she knew she could count on me to be there to help her. After all isn't that what sisters/family are for. She died in my bedroom with me by her side. Letting go isn't easy, I suppose it isn't supposed to be either. Healing takes a long time, it comes and goes with the wind, sometimes your ok and other times you just want to cry.

We will have to post some pictures after the day is done.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am really excited the Susan G Komen walk is in two more days. It seems like only yesterday that it was spring 2003 and my sister Patty was fighting for life !!! In two days we will all join together to raise awareness of breast cancer. Pambra's has a team of women who signed up. Together we have a pistachio green shirt for Team Pambra's "Peeps for a cure". I gave my shirt away to someone already. So I will wear the Komen white and pink shirt. The team Pambra's shirt has four names on it from our family alone. We love you Patty, Aunt Nora, Great Aunt Mary, Cousin Linda (the only survivor of the group). If I can't do anything else for our lost love ones.. I can at least raise funds to help other women get help.

Our Local Susan G Komen-Ozark affiliate serves 8 counties in the state of Arkansas, over 16,000 people joined the walk last year and an even higher number is expected for this year. Knowing that $750.000 was raised and given out to 13 health agency's is exciting. To be a part of something bigger and to help provide education, funding for treatments and actual surgeries, if needed, is such an honor for Pambra's.

With 16,000 cards in hand we will start our day off at 6 am. Many hours of work went into this day. Thank You to the ladies at the Susan G Komen-Ozark office for their hard work. Also a big Thank You to all our team who joined us in the fight!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race day is coming

I picked up two very large box's today with 16,000 cards inside for the big race. The Komen race for the cure is this Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. This is a long day in coming for me. Every year along with my daughter we participate in the race some how. Yet I could not bring myself to go near the race location.. I know that sounds strange. It is often easy to give monetarily and not be there physically. This year I take another step in healing from the loss of my sister Patty. We will be there full force, rain or shine, through laughter and tears. We have had record breaking rain in the last couple of days, with road closings and flash flood warnings so I am praying it is a nice sunny day or at least until 11 AM.
On the production end of work.. Oh MY GOSH is all I can say.. the Tummy liners have quickly jumped into the number 2 spot in our sales. It is not even summer yet and our accounts are finding it hard to keep enough inventory..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's just the beginning of Spring. Here at Pambra's we are so busy. I am loving it actually, this is my dream coming true. We have massive orders through June so far which is exciting. We are already at over half of all of last years sales, that is very exciting as well. What can I say I love my work, I love the inventions I have been blessed with. I love to see women especially get to do their dream job. The local Susan G Komen walk is just about 3 weeks away. We still have a major printing job to get done before the day gets here. For more information about the Komen walk in Arkansas check here Will be a very exciting day, looking forward it. Still working 15 hour days but it is worth it watching Pambra's grow. I am so very Thank full to all the contractors we have helping to make Pambra's liners. I know that with out them this would not all be possible. They do such wonderful work. Simply Blessed...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Susan G Komen walk

So exciting the Komen walk is coming up in about 6 weeks. Pambra's is a major Sponsor this year. Our team "Pambra's Peeps for a Cure" has grown. We have a wonderful group of people supporting the cause. I am personally grateful to each one of them. It was 8 yrs ago when my daughter and I signed up to walk, we ended up not being able to go. I had my sister Patty all moved near us and dieing of her breast Cancer. She needed round the clock care at the time. Since then we have donated and proudly worn our shirts each yr. Just the thought of attending would bring tears to my eyes. But this year is a healing time for me,long over due I admit. So we will be there in a big way in honor of my sister Patty and all women who have had to deal with breast cancer.
When we are packaging the mastectomy liners I always pause a moment and think of the woman who might be wearing it in the very near future and what she must be going through. It is because of her struggle, and our desire to reach out and help her in some small way that we will always make the mastectomy liners. The hospitals and mastectomy shops keep us busy with orders so we know how great the need is. Who will you honor this year !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What an exciting time of year it is. Spring is around the corner and we are already so very busy. We are swamped with orders, which is good thing.
The hospitals that carry our products are escalating their usage. This week one hospital is having a special training session for their staff and Pambra's is a part of that training. Their patients are sent home from the hospital after surgery with our mastectomy liners.
It simply amazes us when companies say their product is doctor recommended and can't prove it. No secrets here, our most recent letter is on our web site for you to see.
It is also interesting how companies can say their product is for breast cancer with no testing or proof! Some people will go to great lengths to follow in others footsteps, even bordering on fraud.

We have picked up another new large account. You will have to watch our catalog listings to see who it is. There is still another new account on the horizon in a few months. Such an exciting time!

I will be traveling in early April to promote Pambra's near the West Coast. Perhaps Pambra's will show up in a boutique near you. It will be good to get away for a while, 15 hour work days. I am addicted to my work; it is my passion in life. When I return in April we have to prepare for the Komen walk and that is especially close to my heart.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 10th

Reflecting as to how we got where we are, I am ever so thankful, everyday, for the blessings which I have been given. In the beginning, 21 yrs ago, it took 100 women testing Pambra's to narrow down a good size range, and another five months of testing fabrics for the right absorbency. Then add to that, not 1 but 2 marketing analysis and then a well written Business Plan.

Do you know how many women use tissue, rags, powder, band aides and mini pads in their bra just to find comfort? The number is stricking! It's not something we sit around and talk about. I sit here thinking about the most unusual story I had ever heard. I had been invited to my oldest daughter's school to speak, everyday for a week, to a business class. I had an office lady tell me she had gone into a meeting, with a bunch of men, only to see her pantie liner on the carpet across the room. It had fallen out of her bra when she walked in. Personally, I would have died from embarrassment...

We even tried the new rage: disposable liners. We will never do that again. Besides, times are changing, and people want to have more sustainable things with less going in the landfills. The fabric choices we went with are excellent for longivity.

Coming up with the name was another challenge. I listed all kinds of words and started putting them together. I first wanted to call them "Special T's" becasue if you flipped the original style over it has a T shape. Before submitting the name to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, I had more then one name searched so I put my name Pam and the word Bra's together as one. The word search on Special T's was used so many times I opted out of that name. However, the name Pambra's was not used anywhere... Tadaa we had a name.

Next was to design a logo. I knew I wanted the "s" to curve under the entire name. My investor drew up a logo with two little humps under the name. Well lets say it looked like two breasts. I was so glad the graphic designer we hired came up with what I have now, a nice smooth ribbon going under the name. Oh and talk about a color scheme. The investor thought black and gold " it looks rich and sexy" he said. He's such a man! It's not about being sexy as it is about being comfortable. I love emerald green and pink. So we now call it "Pambra's" pink. I wanted feminine colors. We have also submitted these for trademarking.

How many were we going to put in a package? Well one is not enough, you have to have at least one to wear and one to wash and a spare in the drawer. I was thinking something like panties and socks; they come in value packs. That was what we wanted to offer- VALUE. We offer three to a package. We will never have to offer buy 2 or 3 and get one free! We give the value from the get go. Within the first year of business, I had gained 15 catalogs and 85 stores. That's saying something!

Life can turn around in an instant!! My dear sister, Patty,
was misdiagnosed with breast cancer. For a year her doctor, Dr. Frank Bivens(Heber Springs, AR) told her the lump she had was an infected milk duct. It didn't show up in the first mammogram and no biopsy or ultra sound was done. She was on Aleve for pain and various antibiotics for a year. She had even gone to other medical professionals who told her she needed to listen to her Doctor. Then one dreaded day, the local health department sent her for a new mammogram. 2 hours later, she received a 3 way call from Dr. Bivens and the mammogram clinic stating she had stage 3a breast Cancer.

I immediately shut down my business and started commuting 8 hours one way. I would stay a full week, and then go back home, another 8 hour drive. Stayed for another week, and this went on for 5 months. I lived in two locations- Heber Springs, AR and OK. Eventually, I was forced to move closer to her in Arkansas to care for her and her family full time. My husband and I received guardianship of her two girls ages 11 and 12. Patty showed such bravery throughout her entire struggle.

Three years of battle came to a close the day after her 46th birthday. We were so close, and it was absolutely devastating to me to say the least. We were 11 months and 2 weeks apart in age. I knew as I watched my sister struggle with the effects of the chemo and radiation that I had to find a way for Pambra's to help. Her pain was endless. How can so many women go through the same thing with little to no comfort? One of the effects of the chemo and radiation was the lack of hormones, and so sweating became a real problem for her.

I give kudos to Dr. Dana Abraham of Baptist Medical center in Little Rock, AR. She was the ONLY professional who would acknowledge my sister's pain from her breast cancer. I will never forget our first meeting and Dr. Abraham telling Patty that" 7% of women have pain associated with their breast cancer" and you are one of the 7%. She held my sister and let her cry. She validated something my sister had been trying to say for over a year. I love Dr. Dana Abraham; she is a true Doctor with a heart.

I eventually designed the two mastectomy styles that Pambra's now carries. I am excited that the Unilateral and Bilateral liners are used in Hospitals, surgical settings, and are sold in Mastectomy and bra shops all over the United States. Having had several lumpectomies of my own, the liners truly help protect sensitive scar tissue. Pambra's also carries multiple Doctors Recommendations.

The newest item I have designed is the Tummy liner. For many years now, a few of my catalogs have requested we create an item such as this. Well, it's here and on the market. They are selling so well. I don't know why it took me so long to get this simple design down. When ever there is skin on skin, there will be perspiration.

This morning my thoughts went over all the opportunities we have had in 21 years: TV News reports, magazines, newspaper articles, QVC deals (which we opted out), Buy outs from huge companies (which we said no to- we even had to defend why we would not sell!). Guest appearances on infomercials and The Balancing Act, Tyra Banks Show are some of the other things we have said NO to. It is my desire to continue on with production, not to let it get in over my head.

Things are growing every day. I love it when new company's call us and say they "saw Pambra's in another account" and they want it too. It thrills me to know that more and more women will be getting the comfort they so desperately need.

Last year, Pambra's partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Ozark) and we give back a portion of ALL our sells, not once a year or on select items. We give back on EVERY thing, all items sold. This is important to us. This year we are a major Sponsor in our local walk, so this is very exciting. I would rather put money on supporting Susan G. Komen, then on advertising for our own gain. Because for me, it's about the Women and their comfort. It's not about how much money I can make. This is something that I have believed in since I started 21 years ago. If you do the right thing, the blessings will follow.

I pray one day a solution is found for Breast Cancer. I do not want anyone else suffering the way that Patty had to. Did you know it cost about $200.00 for a mammogram in some areas? With just a few orders, we can help pay for one of these mammograms. I think that is the best thing that Pambra's can do to help other women.

I am BLESSED and I hope you are as well!!!