Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What an exciting time of year it is. Spring is around the corner and we are already so very busy. We are swamped with orders, which is good thing.
The hospitals that carry our products are escalating their usage. This week one hospital is having a special training session for their staff and Pambra's is a part of that training. Their patients are sent home from the hospital after surgery with our mastectomy liners.
It simply amazes us when companies say their product is doctor recommended and can't prove it. No secrets here, our most recent letter is on our web site for you to see.
It is also interesting how companies can say their product is for breast cancer with no testing or proof! Some people will go to great lengths to follow in others footsteps, even bordering on fraud.

We have picked up another new large account. You will have to watch our catalog listings to see who it is. There is still another new account on the horizon in a few months. Such an exciting time!

I will be traveling in early April to promote Pambra's near the West Coast. Perhaps Pambra's will show up in a boutique near you. It will be good to get away for a while, 15 hour work days. I am addicted to my work; it is my passion in life. When I return in April we have to prepare for the Komen walk and that is especially close to my heart.

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