Monday, March 21, 2011

Susan G Komen walk

So exciting the Komen walk is coming up in about 6 weeks. Pambra's is a major Sponsor this year. Our team "Pambra's Peeps for a Cure" has grown. We have a wonderful group of people supporting the cause. I am personally grateful to each one of them. It was 8 yrs ago when my daughter and I signed up to walk, we ended up not being able to go. I had my sister Patty all moved near us and dieing of her breast Cancer. She needed round the clock care at the time. Since then we have donated and proudly worn our shirts each yr. Just the thought of attending would bring tears to my eyes. But this year is a healing time for me,long over due I admit. So we will be there in a big way in honor of my sister Patty and all women who have had to deal with breast cancer.
When we are packaging the mastectomy liners I always pause a moment and think of the woman who might be wearing it in the very near future and what she must be going through. It is because of her struggle, and our desire to reach out and help her in some small way that we will always make the mastectomy liners. The hospitals and mastectomy shops keep us busy with orders so we know how great the need is. Who will you honor this year !!!