Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was up at 3:30 am and out the door at 5 for an early start. We arrived early and got our booth set up, Then went off to the breakfast for the vendors. Our team pretty much was all there for our 7 am group photo. We are such clowns... The race went off with a few tears today. I got to hug many survivors which made my day. We got a big response to our product so that was good to see.
We handed out just over 8,000 post cards with recipes on one side and our product info on the other side. I got to speak to Neili Jones of our local KNWA news (link on our web site to video).
Of course I got emotional when Neili ask about my sister Patty. We had the best group of ladies helping us pass cards out. It was simply the best day.. I had to come home and nap for 2 hours..

Friday, April 29, 2011

Race for the Cure

Ok so we went to the Susan G Komen Spaghetti fund raiser tonight. Then a trip to our local craft shop. Where I bought several pink boa's and some hair things. I am going to be one flashy lady. I need to find joy in tomorrow. This is a healing for me and I find myself fighting to hold back tears for my sister Patty that I lost 7 years ago. My sister and I were 11 months and 2 weeks apart in age. We shared everything growing up even early childhood school classes until they decided we needed to be split up. As adults we lead very different lives, When she found out she had a lump in her breast I was one of her first phone calls. Even with all the time apart she knew she could count on me to be there to help her. After all isn't that what sisters/family are for. She died in my bedroom with me by her side. Letting go isn't easy, I suppose it isn't supposed to be either. Healing takes a long time, it comes and goes with the wind, sometimes your ok and other times you just want to cry.

We will have to post some pictures after the day is done.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am really excited the Susan G Komen walk is in two more days. It seems like only yesterday that it was spring 2003 and my sister Patty was fighting for life !!! In two days we will all join together to raise awareness of breast cancer. Pambra's has a team of women who signed up. Together we have a pistachio green shirt for Team Pambra's "Peeps for a cure". I gave my shirt away to someone already. So I will wear the Komen white and pink shirt. The team Pambra's shirt has four names on it from our family alone. We love you Patty, Aunt Nora, Great Aunt Mary, Cousin Linda (the only survivor of the group). If I can't do anything else for our lost love ones.. I can at least raise funds to help other women get help.

Our Local Susan G Komen-Ozark affiliate serves 8 counties in the state of Arkansas, over 16,000 people joined the walk last year and an even higher number is expected for this year. Knowing that $750.000 was raised and given out to 13 health agency's is exciting. To be a part of something bigger and to help provide education, funding for treatments and actual surgeries, if needed, is such an honor for Pambra's.

With 16,000 cards in hand we will start our day off at 6 am. Many hours of work went into this day. Thank You to the ladies at the Susan G Komen-Ozark office for their hard work. Also a big Thank You to all our team who joined us in the fight!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race day is coming

I picked up two very large box's today with 16,000 cards inside for the big race. The Komen race for the cure is this Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. This is a long day in coming for me. Every year along with my daughter we participate in the race some how. Yet I could not bring myself to go near the race location.. I know that sounds strange. It is often easy to give monetarily and not be there physically. This year I take another step in healing from the loss of my sister Patty. We will be there full force, rain or shine, through laughter and tears. We have had record breaking rain in the last couple of days, with road closings and flash flood warnings so I am praying it is a nice sunny day or at least until 11 AM.
On the production end of work.. Oh MY GOSH is all I can say.. the Tummy liners have quickly jumped into the number 2 spot in our sales. It is not even summer yet and our accounts are finding it hard to keep enough inventory..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's just the beginning of Spring. Here at Pambra's we are so busy. I am loving it actually, this is my dream coming true. We have massive orders through June so far which is exciting. We are already at over half of all of last years sales, that is very exciting as well. What can I say I love my work, I love the inventions I have been blessed with. I love to see women especially get to do their dream job. The local Susan G Komen walk is just about 3 weeks away. We still have a major printing job to get done before the day gets here. For more information about the Komen walk in Arkansas check here Will be a very exciting day, looking forward it. Still working 15 hour days but it is worth it watching Pambra's grow. I am so very Thank full to all the contractors we have helping to make Pambra's liners. I know that with out them this would not all be possible. They do such wonderful work. Simply Blessed...