Sunday, July 10, 2011

New News

Well we are going through many changes,
When someone contacted us from ABC World News we were thrilled they ask us if Pambra's could be a feature on their web site. YES YES YES was the answer, they have been very kind to us.
Our new Tummy liners are now in the catalog family of AmeriMark, Healthy Living is one of their books and their online store. We are happy to grow our company.
We now have five hospitals using our Pambra's. In Washington State, Nebraska, New York, Florida,
My daughter and business partner Veronica is leaving soon to work in the mission field in Jos Nigeria. I will miss her a lot, kind of goes with out saying. But she is such a big part of the company as well. I am glad I have some wonderful people working in Pambra's to fill in all the area's where Veronica's talents were used.

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