Monday, August 22, 2011

New building construction

I am super happy Pambra's has grown so much that we start construction on our own building tomorrow. With five products, four of them in five sizes each we have run out of room. We have a lot of contractors making our liners, but have run out of storage room and packing area.
I am so proud of our contractors. They do such quality work and really take great detail and pride in their construction knowing each liner is for a special lady who requires the best.
From our product supply chain, fabric, cotton, garment labels, printing, shipping supply, contractors, accountants, Lawyers We have the best of the best on our crew. Thank You to each of you!!! We here at Pambra's truly appreciate you and your skills.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Awe of everything

I turned 53 just a few days ago. Yikes how time flies when you are busy with raising a family and building a business. This weekend all my kids are in town at once. This is one of those times as a mother your most excited about having all the kids over. We have pictures planned along with swimming and barbecuing.
I am so very thankful for everything in my life right now. We have our 8th grandchild on the way, My second daughter leaves in just over 30 days to Africa to work in the mission field for a while. I never thought I would be around long enough to see Pambra's where it is today. It truly has been one of my life's accomplishments. It's hard to believe that it was over 21 years ago that I put Pambra's on the market for the first time.
The offers for book and articles are actually coming out of the wood works. Media venue's have been contacting me. Pambra's has made a name for itself. In just one week we have gotten two new accounts because ladies have gone into stores asking for us.
When you are in business doing an honest work, not putting other companies down, staying focused on what you should be doing. All things will come together with enough tenacity to stay the course.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alway's Thankful

I have much to be Thankful for. I try not to let a day go by that I don't acknowledge my thankfulness to God for all I have. I am Thankful for my wonderful Patent Attorney who speaks so that I can understand him. My first Patent Attorney 21 yrs ago spoke in so much jargon he learned in college for us people who hired him you could not understand a word of it. This Attorney is so wonderful and fast in getting onto my concerns. I am Thankful for ALL the contractors we use to create Pambra's. Without them the bra liners would not be out on the market as I could never sew all that is going out the door. I am Thankful for all the people I come in contact with through Pambra's, friends on Twitter and facebook, People I have met with the companies we sell to and companies we buy materials from. I am Thankful for each person who stops by to read my babbling aka writing. Every time I can inform a new lady about Pambra's being able to provide them comfort I love it. I am especially grateful for all of my family who has stood by in the early years when it was hard to build a company. Those who have known me personally would tell you it was never ever about the money or even the thought of money. It is about comfort and making someone happy that they don't have to suffer through another day. While keeping my focus and doing my work, yes Blessings have come so much bigger then I ever thought possible. Thank You God for entrusting me with the first ever Bra Liner we call Pambra's.