Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race day is coming

I picked up two very large box's today with 16,000 cards inside for the big race. The Komen race for the cure is this Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. This is a long day in coming for me. Every year along with my daughter we participate in the race some how. Yet I could not bring myself to go near the race location.. I know that sounds strange. It is often easy to give monetarily and not be there physically. This year I take another step in healing from the loss of my sister Patty. We will be there full force, rain or shine, through laughter and tears. We have had record breaking rain in the last couple of days, with road closings and flash flood warnings so I am praying it is a nice sunny day or at least until 11 AM.
On the production end of work.. Oh MY GOSH is all I can say.. the Tummy liners have quickly jumped into the number 2 spot in our sales. It is not even summer yet and our accounts are finding it hard to keep enough inventory..