Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saying Good bye is a hard thing to do....

In less than a week my daughter and business partner leaves the United States to go live and work in Jos Nigeria. She and her husband have graciously gave away or sold all there personal belongings as a sacrifice to go and work in an Orphanage. While I am extremely proud of them my heart also breaks. They take with them my three grandsons Chris is 12, Declan is 9 and the baby Zander is a yr and 9 months. I just keep asking are you coming home yet. I don't want them to go and yet all I can do is be a support. I fully understand the need inside to do something bigger than themselves and answer a calling on their life that will change them and us forever. Its is because of that understanding, having been through a spiritual calling myself, why I can do nothing else but supportive in their journey.
I have watched them prepare and seen their hearts and I am extremely proud of them. The spirit of sacrifice and compassion, the lifestyle changes they have made in preparation have not gone unnoticed.
To you my blog followers if you could do but one thing today. Please say a prayer for Veronica and Evan, Christian, Declan, and Zander for their personal safety in this country where it is Muslims against Christians.