Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy Bee's

We are really Busy Bee's, much earlier this year then we were last year. Looking forward to a wonderful trade show in March and a little family time as well. The Tummy liners have just finished their first full year on the market and what an impact they have made. Seems they are equally liked as much as our Original Bra liner style. Marketing is my favorite part, but still being a small company I do a little of everything still. Very Thankful for all the people who help get Pambra's on the market. All geared up for another great year. Tax man was wearing a smile when I seen him earlier..


Robin Quick said...

This looks very interesting! These would come in handy in the summer heat here in the south! I just love the idea of this product!

magilla said...

I just heard about your bra liners from Mary's Cup of Tea. What a fantastic idea! I am so glad to discover this!
Dee Seahawk