Friday, March 30, 2012

Too much excitement to contain my self !!

I am soo very excited that my daughter Veronica is coming home with her family from their mission trip to Jos, Nigeria Africa for good.. I have had to contain this news for several days.. I am not good at keeping exciting news inside me..

They have three boys who have all grown so much. The youngest left as a baby barely talking, he digs in everything and talks up a storm now. We have so much preparation going on round our house for them to stay with us until they get on their feet.

As a mom I have not missed a single day thinking about my daughter and her family being in such a dangerous place. Jos Nigeria is the most dangerous place in Nigeria to be. They have heard the terrorist bombings and seen the aftermath of such atrocity's. They did a lot of work their at the orphanage. Veronica worked as the schools headmistress also known as the Principle.. and taught classes. Evan her husband worked with the boys teaching them doing security work with the guards, and led some bible classes.

They have taken steps in their lives to reach out and help those who needed it. Not many people would give up all the comforts of home to travel around the world and know the danger they were in before hand and still go anyways. They will enjoy the freedom that the USA has to offer once again. A simple task of grocery shopping or going to your child's school with out an escort for your safety. Among many other things they have learned. I would love to have them write a book about their experiences...

Blessed they are coming home.